Prince Tennis Ball Machines

Being Served by a Prince

You’re standing on the tennis court first thing in the morning, racquet in hand, waiting for the serve. This morning is like countless others before; you’ll take a hundred balls or so before your lesson with the club pro, then head off to the office to push some paper and dream of the U.S. Open. As the bright yellow ball comes hurtling your way at 60 mph you suddenly realize there’s something special about today: you’re being served by a Prince! No, not a dashing young man from a far away land, but certainly the next best thing. A Prince ball machine.

Prince Tennis Ball Machine

Prince Tennis Ball Machine

Prince Manufacturing got it’s start in the Princeton, NJ garage of Bob McClure who built his first tennis ball machine he called the “Little Prince”. This machine was lightweight and portable, designed for use on private home courts, and was an instant success on the tennis products market. During the 1970s Prince Manufacturing began developing racquets that would earn the company a reputation for some of the finest tennis equipment in the world. The 1980s brought racquet bags and other accessories, tennis apparel, and shoes developed specifically for the game.

As for the ball machines, Prince signed a license agreement in 1996 with Indiana manufacturer Master Sports, to continue producing the line that carried the Prince name. As the product line grew so did the reputation of these tough and reliable machines, known for their consistent speed, accuracy, durability, and portability. Since the early days in Princeton, eight models have been developed to meet the needs of various players, including a battery operated portable model weighing just 30 lbs and professional models for commercial use.

In 2006, Master Sports ended its licensing agreement with Prince and re-branded their machines with the SAM name. The SAM brand machines are identical to the ones that formerly carried the Prince name, with the same reputation for being the industry’s best. Older Prince machines can still be found on the internet and at specialty retailers, but Master Sports carries on its tradition of quality with SAM.

When you get to the office and your co-worker asks how the workout went, you can tell him it was great. After all, it’s not every day you take your serves from a Prince. Maybe tomorrow you’ll even get to take them from SAM.

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