Tennis Ball Machines

Tennis is a game which greatly depends on practice for success. However, many people aren’t able to find a partner all the times they would like to play, or can’t find someone at the proper level to practice with. This is where tennis ball machines come in. Tireless and never busy, these machines are always ready to serve tennis balls to you, even if you want to play at 5AM.

Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Ball Machine

Sometimes, when playing tennis, you may find that you consistently miss balls which come at you in a certain way. A human partner would get sick of it quickly if you asked them to serve 100 balls the exact same way so you could improve returning those shots. Tennis ball machines, on the other hand, never get bored. They will serve any way you want, to any part of the court you want—including randomly. If you want to practice running back and forth to hit unpredictable shots, they can handle that task just as easily as they can handle repetitive shots.

Other reasons tennis ball machines make good practice partners include their ability to serve balls in many different styles. A machine can put spins on a ball which would take a human player years to master. They can also send balls out at different speeds, which makes them ideal for children’s practice sessions as well as for new adult players. Once the human player’s skill is built up, the machine can be set to serve them as fast as a pro player. Some ball machines can serve at speeds all the way from 10MPH to as fast as 80MPH.

Finding human playing partners at varying skill levels can be difficult. Ideally, you should play against someone who is good enough to be a challenge, yet not so good that you get trounced every time you play. With tennis ball machines, the difficulty level can be set to whatever you want. Do you want to know what it’d be like to play against a Wimbledon champion? A ball machine can be set to approximate the experience. How about playing an easy game just to relax? Tennis ball machines won’t get frustrated if you set them to a super-easy setting and then hit every ball they serve you. Whatever type of game you’re looking for, a tennis ball machine can provide.

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