Tennis Ball Rating

Can Tennis Ball Ratings Improve You Game?

We’ve come a long way from playing tennis with leather balls stuffed with human hair. The tennis balls of modern day are more sophisticated. Scientific studies helped form the tennis balls used in modern day matches. The question is, can tennis ball ratings improve our game?

Tennis Ball Rating

Tennis Ball Rating

As with anything, there are factors that need to be considered but when it comes down to it, it’s simply personal preference. Don’t get me wrong; certain brands do strive for excellent quality and performance. Let’s take a closer look into how tennis ball ratings are decided.

Tennis ball ratings first depend on the level of the tennis player. There are tennis balls for beginner and intermediate levels. These balls may be rated on the simple principle of longevity. For advanced and professional players, tennis balls seem to be rated by feel because they tend to discard tennis balls every 7th set.

Professionals seem to drive most of the ratings because everyone wants to have what the professionals use. While they do tend to use a certain brand over another, women have a different preference than men. Men seem to drive the ball harder and faster; therefore their needs are different.

Along with the level of the player, you have to factor in the type of tennis court that is being used. There are hard courts, clay courts and grass. This is where the science comes in because each court needs a certain type of tennis ball. The purpose of the felt on the tennis ball is wind resistance and control therefore; hard courts need a ball that has entry duty felt.

Tennis balls that are used for most tennis matches are pressurized. Pressure less tennis balls are utilized for tennis ball machines because they are used for teaching tennis, or practice. These tennis balls tend to be slower and have less bounce enabling the player to work on technique.

I have found that Penn tennis balls seem to be rated the number one brand according to the majority of professional women tennis players. The majority of professional men players ranked Prince Tour Tennis balls number one. Dunlop/Slazinger and Gamma Tour XL were rated the best for hard courts and the amateur’s ranked Wilson number one.

Do a little research in order to find the right type of tennis ball. Then get out there, play tennis and find out what works best for you.

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