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To the novice, superior tennis racquets overshadow the need for solid tennis balls. But, any pro you ask, tennis balls are an essential piece to a strong game. In fact, professional tennis player’s use new balls every time they play, including practices. Have you ever noticed, that tennis balls are stored in a pressurized can? This is done to preserve the tennis balls pressure prior to use. Once the tennis ball can is opened and the pressure is released, the tennis balls begin to lose pressure immediately. Professionals will replace balls roughly every 7th game in their match, but, generally speaking, intermediate and beginners should replace balls after 6-8 sets of play; intermediate and beginner players do not hit the ball as hard, so the tennis ball lasts longer.

Wilson Tennis Ball Machine

Wilson Tennis Ball Machine

What if you are not sure if a tennis ball is in good enough condition to play? There is a test that can be conducted to make sure your tennis ball has enough pressure for a solid game. Hold the ball about 100 inches from the ground and drop it on concrete. If the ball bounces 54-58 inches back up, then the ball is still playable.

So, now that you know the importance of the condition of a tennis ball, it is crucial to utilize a tennis ball machine that will also provide superior training for real-game play. A strong partner is not always available to help you train for the big match, but luckily, Wilson has created the Wilson Tennis Ball Machine to assist you. There are many different models of tennis ball machines on the market, but choosing Wilson is a wise choice. Wilson is a name you can trust; the number one brand in tennis today, Wilson products have consistently, throughout the years, provided reliability and a keen understanding of the game and tennis players needs.

The Wilson Tennis Ball Machine is portable, weighing only 38lbs, it is easy to tote from location to location. The Machine is equipped with a variety of features to act as a strong training tool. These include; optimal control over trajectory, speed, interval, and spin. With a built-in oscillator, the machine delivers balls from one position or randomly from across the court, so you can practice running and hitting the ball. This is a very important feature for all tennis players in order to gain agility and learn to react quickly.

The machine carries 110 tennis balls and to get optimal training I strongly recommend using Wilson Tennis Balls. Use the brand that has defined tennis and has continually proven to be number one in the tennis industry. By using fresh and new Wilson tennis balls in your Wilson Tennis Ball Machine, you will be ready to hit the court and dominate the match.

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