Wilson Tennis Balls

Wilson tennis balls are the most popular brand of tennis balls in the world. When you pick up a tennis ball, chances are that its branded with the familiar Wilson logo. The ball of choice for the US Open since 1979, the balls are among the most commonly used in professional matches.

Wilson Tennis Balls

Wilson Tennis Balls

Production on Wilson tennis balls began in the 1920s. Wilson Sporting Goods was already establishing a name for themselves in the business but their tennis balls were among their most innovative items. By using cardboard cylinders to hold and transport their balls, Wilson changed the way in which tennis balls were packaged. Today, its most common to see balls packaged in plastic tubes not that dissimilar from the original design.

Tennis became one of Wilson’s top markets. With their balls and world class rackets, Wilson was at the top of their game. By the 1940s, the company was synonymous with tennis equipment. Even today, professional tennis players and leagues still swear by Wilson balls and rackets. Although the competition is a little fiercer nowadays, the Wilson reputation has been left sterling.

Wilson also manufactures a portable tennis ball machine. If you’re in the market for a lightweight and easily transportable tennis ball machine, this is one of the better options on the market. Holding up to a 110 balls, the Wilson tennis ball machine can pitch balls at up to 70 miles per hour. With multiple pitches and other variables, this easy to move machine makes traveling without missing out on your practice a cinch.

Other tennis related products from Wilson included tennis apparel, sweatbands, and other products. As one of the largest sporting good companies in the world, you can see their products at almost any major sporting event.

Recently, Wilson has been bringing its tennis ball production into the 21st century. With new, greener products, Wilson products have become more environmentally sound. Although the production methods have changed, Wilson hasn’t changed much over the years. Their winning designs and innovative marketing and packaging have made them a world leader in the sporting industry.

Although any ball might do when you’re looking to hit the courts, Wilson has earned themselves a reputation as the grandfathers of American sporting goods.

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