Little Prince with VSP Tennis Ball Machine

I have a friend that I have been playing tennis with regularly for the past six years. There is nothing better then getting together on a Saturday morning for a few hours of competitive tennis. What I found was that his skills were improving while mine were stagnant. Our matches became less and less competitive.

Little Prince with VSP Tennis Ball Machine

Little Prince with VSP Tennis Ball Machine

What I discovered was that while I was content with playing every Saturday, he was practicing during the week. At first, I was discouraged. After all, I didn’t have a weekday practice partner. That is when I discovered the Little Prince tennis ball machine.

I found the machine easy to move and easy to use. It has a bin that can hold approximately 100 tennis balls which keeps me from having to refill it too often. It has varying speeds so that I can use it for everything from soft warm ups to practicing returning those screaming forehands. One of the aspects I like best about the Little Prince was that it was easy to maneuver both on the court and in my driveway. Instead of driving to the local court, I could set it up in the driveway and do a few minutes of targeted practice. I could even set it up to varying two different shots to challenge me even further.

What I really like about the Little Prince is that I can adjust the settings to practice a variety of shots. I could focus on the same shot and either work on a consistent return or simply by moving a few feet either way, practice footwork and setup for a deadly return volley. One of the best exercises I did was place the machine in my driveway (which admittedly is pretty long) and draw some lines with sidewalk chalk. I then tried to hit each return between the lines. It got me to focus and be disciplined.

In the end, after a few weeks of using this machine to practice, I could feel my game elevate. My Saturday morning matches are again competitive. While you could buy this machine new, there are many excellent Little Prince’s available on eBay. Bid on one, use it to practice, and watch your forehands and backhands get stronger and more precise.

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