Lobster Elite Grand Slam V Tennis Ball Machine

As an avid tennis player, I am always looking for ways to improve my game. I was thrilled when my club recently invested in the Lobster Elite Grand Slam V ball machine.

I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial, but this machine has been terrific for my game. I love how easy it is to use and the ability to use different programs to keep my workout from becoming regimented. Not only does the Grand Slam V have a fully random phase, it also allows me to set up programs so that I can choose which shot I wish to work on. It comes with a 15-function remote, so I don’t even have to run that 60 feet to the other end of the court to change things up.

Lobster Elite Grand Slam V Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite Grand Slam V Tennis Ball Machine

The 3 Line function allows me to choose from narrow, medium, and broad so when I want to warm up my ground strokes, I can decide how much of the baseline I want to cover. I can also utilize one of the three pre-programmed drills which are designed to emulate different styles of play. If my next match is against an opponent who doesn’t like to come to the net, I use the Approach Drill feature. This drill uses six balls and sends the first few to deep corners of the court, then draws me in so I can hit an aggressive approach shot of my own. (I love playing the net, so this is my favorite of the three.)

The Grand Slam V also has an excellent Forehand Drill as well as an Attack/Defend Drill. My forehand is my weakest shot (I know, I know), so I use the Forehand Drill about once per week. The Attack/Defend Drill is excellent for improving footwork, because you have to MOVE when you are doing this drill.

The last comment I have about this machine is the customization feature. The Grand Slam V is fully customizable with 18 different shots including spin and slice with an adjustable feed rate. Using this feature, I can play out points and feel like I am playing a match against a very tough opponent who never misses the ball. I have a friend who owns her own tennis court. I wonder if I can talk her into a new purchase?

Check out eBay for this fun, versatile machine. It never hurts to try to find a bargain in the tennis world.

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