Prince Professional II VSP Tennis Ball Machine

Improve your game with this Prince Professional II VSP Tennis Ball Machine Server

If you’re like me, sometimes a partner for practicing tennis is nowhere to be found on such a nice day. I know, it’s frustrating when all of your friends need to either mow the lawn or tend to other previous plans. But, don’t let that ruin the opportunity to smack around some tennis balls on the court. Instead, consider a day of honing your skills with a fine-quality trainer like the Prince Professional II VSP Tennis Ball Machine Server.

Prince Professional II VSP Tennis Ball Machine

Prince Professional II VSP Tennis Ball Machine

Prince is a name you and I have known and trusted over the years for tennis equipment. This handy device is no exception to that fact. Operation of the machine is rather easy and carefree. Simply roll it into location and be sure that it’s filled with plenty of tennis balls. Plug in the machine and aim it to serve over the net and into your side of the court. A rotating cannon serves the balls at the velocity and spin that you may set with varying angles of approach to ensure that you are not just hitting from one spot or local region on the court. Rapid firing or a slower setting more suitable for small children is a breeze to select, and Prince explains this procedure well in the user’s manual.

Once all the balls have been served, simply dump them back into the machine and start all over again. It is recommended to turn off the machine while refilling it so that the tennis balls are not being served to the other side with no one to hit them. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your improvement in skills.

While not exactly the best replacement for a human opponent and not able to return a serve, the Prince Professional II VSP Tennis Ball Machine is a great piece of equipment to practice your backhand, pivot, and forehand. Use one of these next time you’re out of luck finding a buddy and in no time you’ll astonish even your most experienced of opponents.

Finding one of these gems is really as easy as searching eBay. Sure, there is the need to watch the item and possibly fight over someone in the final seconds over it. However, the end result is a very helpful machine that will improve your game. So search for one now and see your game improve quickly.

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