Silent Partner Edge Star AC/DC Tennis Ball Machine

The Silent Partner Edge Star AC/DC is a tennis ball machine. They have some of the most advanced features along with some cutting edge technology. The lower end models are cheaper, yet still durable. The ‘Edge Start’ is the second most expensive of all the models, coming in at $1000 (estimated price). The AC-DC model allows you to use more battery power. Consumers can also utilize an AC outlet if necessary. One good quality about this model is that it is extra fast with a long living battery. The battery can run up to 2-3 hours before having to be recharged. It also comes with a battery charger.

Some of the features included that is quite useful are the manual elevation. You can set the machine as high or as low as needed in order to get the desired effect. Even though it is has a charger, this model still comes with an ultra heavy battery which can last up to 6 hours. You won’t have to worry about changing the battery every ten minutes.
You can move this tennis machine from one area to the next quite easily with the snap in handle which is made for rolling. The wheels are pretty nice in size as well (6 inches). The machine itself does not weight that much, coming in at 46 pounds. The Star AC/DC also comes with a two button remote control. The settings can be made to feed or sweep. You will be able to control the speed control with two settings; topspin and backspin. It comes with a random oscillator with a ball capacity of 200. Most manufactures offer a two year warranty with this product, which is good for the consumer just in case of any accidents or mechanical problems. While the tennis machine is quite durable, it can also easily fit into a truck or another small space for traveling or moving.

Although there are other models that are more expensive, the AC/DC is quite durable and can hold its own with the sleek designs and features. With a maximum ball capacity of 200, the tennis ball machine is the example that big things come in small packages.

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