Silent Partner Pro AC Tennis ball machine

If you love to play tennis, but don’t always have the time to set tennis practice dates with friends, then you will love the silent partner pro ball machine. With this machine you will always have a qualified partner to practice with you, whenever you desire. The model has an electronic speed control of 15-95 miles per hour and ball capacity of 200. You choose your speed, depending on how you feel that day. It’s an awesome way to get the practice you want and need to improve your tennis skills, and a battery that will last up to 4 hours!

The battery charger is a fast battery charger that changes to a slow mode once it has been charging. They call this charger the “smart charger”. This machine has a spin control with topspin and backspin, and an electronic feed rate control to stop the ball or to shoot one ball every second. It also has an electronic elevation to hit overhands and groundstrokes, and an oscillator with a random, and a two-speed sweep to change things up for you whenever you need, and it is equipped with a remote to adjust the oscillator as well as the speed.

The weight of the silent partner pro ball machine is approximately 48lbs with the battery in it, so it is a little on the heavier side, but with all the features that this machine has, it is well worth the additional couple of pounds.

I have had many instances where I wanted to practice but I could not find a partner that wanted to practice at the time that I did; with the silent partner pro ball machine, I no longer have to find someone to practice with, because I can go out at any time I please to heighten my tennis skills. If you have the urge to practice late at night, take your favorite partner, the silent pro machine and practice wherever you please.

Just go to the tennis court with your favorite tennis balls, whether they may be the Wilson US open balls, the USPTA Pro Penn ball or the Dunlop Grand Prix, the silent partner pro ball machine works great will all types of balls. The Wilson doublecore balls are very durable if you plan to practice for a long period of time. You can find your best qualified tennis partner; the Silent Partner Pro AC Tennis ball machine on ebay today for a very exceptionally low price.

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