Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

Why The Tennis Tutor Ball Machine is Ideal For All Players

The Tennis Tutor ball machine is a great solution to finding a portable, challenging tennis ball machine. It is small enough to easily take with you on the go, yet its functionality is versatile enough to provide a good workout to even the most seasoned tennis player. There are many pro-level players and organizations which use and endorse the Tennis Tutor, including the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals), based out of Florida, USA. Because of its innovative, high-tech design, and over 10 years of studying customer feedback, the Tennis Tutor ball machine has now become globally synonymous as the top tennis training tool.

Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor Ball Machine

With the Tennis Tutor ball machine, you are able to adjust the speed of the ball, the angle of the serve you want to train for, and how long you want to wait between each serve – all from an easy-to-use control panel on the machine. The wheels, which spin opposite each other, can be set to serve at a diverse range of speeds, which range from a casual pitch of the ball to a speed that rivals that of seasoned pros. The serving angle can be set at a variety of heights, and can be easily customized according to your particular needs.

One of the great things that you can do with the Tennis Tutor ball machine is that you can set it to practice the same shots repeatedly, or you can set it to serve you random shots throughout all areas of the court. You don’t need to worry about the balls getting jammed in the machine, as it has a built-in anti-jam device to keep this from happening. It also will give you a 10 second delay before the Tennis Tutor ball machine starts firing away – so, no more getting hit by balls by the time you reach your starting point.

Even though the Tennis Tutor ball machine is small and easily portable, it packs in a whole lot of powerful features, as you can see. The ball hopper holds about 150 balls, more than standard baskets. When the ball hopper is collapsed for storage or transport, it is only 12 inches high, and it can be easily wheeled around by using the luggage handle.

The Tennis Tutor ball machine is ideal for both the seasoned pro and the casual player. This machine is perhaps the best virtual tennis partner any avid tennis enthusiast could have. Take a look at the Tennis Tutor ball machine today; if you don’t, your next opponent may beat you to it!

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