Tennis Tutor Model 2 Tennis Ball Machine

For the true tennis enthusiast there’s no question: you have to own your own tennis ball machine. The ability to isolate one part of the game and work on it extensively is key to improving your overall level of play. There are many tennis ball machines out there, and let’s face it, they’re all going to do basically the same thing, shoot tennis balls, but these machines aren’t cheap, and you need to be well informed to get the most out of your money.

Tennis Tutor Model 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Tutor Model 2 Tennis Ball Machine

In my experience nothing tops the Tennis Tutor Model 2. It isn’t the fanciest tennis ball machine out there, but it gets the job done and it gets the job done well. The Tennis Tutor Model 2 is versatile. You can adjust the firing frequency–that’s the space between each shot–and the firing speed to meet the needs of any aspiring tennis player, from a child picking up her first racket, to a pro who’s played the game for years. It can repeatedly fire a particular shot, allowing you to have focused practice on a certain part of your game, or it can randomly oscillate shots, better simulating an actual opponent. The Tennis Tutor Model 2 holds 150 balls, can adjust the firing rate from 1.5 to 12 seconds between shots, and the firing speed can be set between 10 and 80 miles per hour.

The Tennis Tutor Model 2 runs on a powerful lead-acid battery that gives this tennis ball machine between 4 and 6 hours of battery life. The battery is easily recharged overnight (recharge time: about 12 hours).

The Tennis Tutor Model 2 is relatively light for a tennis ball machine. It’s 42 pounds and with a retractable handle you can roll it where you need it go just like luggage. The Tennis Tutor Model 2 comes with a one year warranty.

You can find Tennis Tutor Model 2 Tennis Ball Machines at a variety of locations, but personally I recommend you look for one on eBay. A little smart shopping and you’ll be able to find a great price on a Tennis Tutor Model 2. You won’t be disappointed with this machine!

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