Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

Wilson is the world’s largest manufacturer of tennis balls. There are several stages that Wilson championship tennis balls go through throughout the manufacturing process. Wilson tennis balls start out as the circular rubber spheres that are molded into unique half shells that are combined to form a hollow rubber ball. Then, special Wilson felt is wrapped around the hollow rubber ball.

The exact type of felt that is used for Wilson Championship tennis balls is unique to Wilson, both in terms of thickness and material. The result is that Wilson balls have slightly different properties than all other types of tennis balls. It is for this reason that Wilson balls are preferred during the US Open tennis event.

You may have noticed when playing tennis that the balls sometimes bounce differently or behave differently. This is because different balls contain different amounts of felt wrapped around their rubber shells.

Wilson tennis balls typically last a little bit longer than other tennis balls because their rubber core is thicker than most other tennis balls. What this means is that the air that is inside of the tennis ball takes longer to get out of the ball, thus keeping the ball pressurized. Most balls that have a thinner rubber core that releases the pressurized air that is inside the ball faster than Wilson balls with their thicker cores. This is why I find that Wilson Championship tennis balls keep their bounce much longer and much higher than other tennis balls.

When you are serving, Wilson tennis balls pick up more of your spin and grab the court with greater traction. They also tend to slide along the court less than other tennis balls and give you a truer bounce with more consistency. These are qualities most players would want in any tennis ball.

It is typically recommended to purchase your balls in boxes. You can usually find a box of 12 cans of Wilson tennis balls at your local sporting goods store. I would recommend purchasing them in these boxes of individually pressurized cans of three, because if you don’t use them all at the same time, the pressurized cans will keep the unopened balls fresh. Then you can go out and enjoy the balls as they are meant to be enjoyed. You can also usually find great deals on Wilson tennis balls via eBay, where certain sellers and tennis pro shops get great wholesale deals that they can pass down to you the consumer.

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