Wilson Portable 2 Line Tennis Ball Machine

The Wilson Portable (2 line) Tennis Ball Machine – Perfect for that Great Tennis Workout

You would be surprised by the number of people that enjoy playing tennis but don’t for a lack of a partner or the inability to practice. Fortunately if you have a portable Tennis ball machine like the Wilson portable ball machine, you no longer have to wait for that tennis partner, and you can practice interminably on your own whenever you want.

Wilson Portable 2 Line Tennis Ball Machine

Wilson Portable 2 Line Tennis Ball Machine

The Wilson Portable Ball Machine is the ideal Tennis ball machine you want when you go back and forth to the tennis courts, and although not a cheap model, starting at about $1000, it is one of the most durable machines on the market. It is the perfect light tennis ball machine wtih two lines. The 2 line feature shoots a ball to the forehand court, and then immediately shoots another to the backhand court, giving you an extremely good work out, or allowing two players to play at the same time.

The Wilson portable ball machine has a 110 ball capacity. The settings can be changed to two types of trajectories, either the groundstroke or the lob and the ejection speed can be changed and can run from either 10 to 75 mph depending on how experienced a tennis player you are. This tennis ball machine is also equipped with adjustable spin control allowing for either backspin or topspin throwing.

Wilson has been manufacturing tennis products for years, and there is nothing but quality that goes into their every product. The portable 2 line machine has a built in oscillator fan and has an automatic 10 second ball feed. Because it has a very large capacity for balls, it can give you as long as 3 to 4 hours of playing time before the balls need to be replaced.

Another great feature of the Wilson portable ball machine, is that it is battery powered so it can be used on tennis courts that do not have an electrical connection. The typical recharging time is about twelve hours. So you can charge it at night, and have it ready to go by morning. It’s portability is increased two fold with the built in handle and the towing wheels which allow it to be pulled along and prevent heavy hauling and straining.

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